I am making progress. I have become lazy recently when it comes to housework but today I had a massive blitz. All my washing is done, ironed and put away. Same with my washing up. It feels good to be productive again. The last mental meltdown was six days ago. I’m happy that it’s been […]

Moment to Moment

We need to pay respects to everything. The chance that everything around us has come together to create that moment as we perceive it to be is mind-blowing. There is nothing wrong in ritual as long as it isn’t detrimental to anyone or anything. Moment to moment, we cease to exist. Each second that passes […]

This too shall pass

Having written yesterday about how I need to remember the phrase “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” I have felt grounded. It’s an anchor and there have been times today when I’ve felt a wobble here and there. It’s great to feel it. I need to pay attention to all the philosophy stuff that I have read […]