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Month: May 2019

To be free, we must be fearless.

To work out who you are is difficult. We live our lives trying to be whoever we think we are. Who we think we are is different from how the people around us perceive us. Does that mean that to truly be ourselves we must accept who we are and pay no attention to what people think of us? Easier said than done.

There is a cancel culture. To be cancelled is to be put in the bin and disregarded as someone who is worth listening to. To be cancelled can be a release. To be put in the pile of crackpots that are not worth listening to gives us freedom to say and think the things we want with no fear of repercussion.

To be free, we must be fearless.

Can we be ever be free?

Eat, sleep, perform

As I start to write I ask myself two questions; why am I writing and do people want to read what I’m potentially writing? I feel as though my life has been changing a lot and I need to document it. I used to write a journal but that fell to the wayside some time ago.

As I continue to write this I am thinking about what I want to write and if I should be sharing my life in a public way. I am private. Over the last four and a half years I have worked in a job that doesn’t let you switch off. I have been a coffee shop barista and it requires a certain amount of performance. Doing that day in, day out has taken it’s toll. Performing for over forty hours a week to people is exhausting. Eat, sleep, perform. I’m so done with it.

I’m on holiday. It’s the longest that I’ve gone without going into work for a long time and I feel that I am reconnecting with my former self. The self that was able to switch off more than I have been. It’s been exactly what I’ve been begging for. I feel recharged and I still have a few days left.