Alone time is good

I have had an eventful day. All of which is work related and I’ll be damned if I write about the mundane daily occurrences of my job. You don’t come here to hear about about the goings-on of a coffee shop. I’ll talk about coffee at some point I’m sure.

What I’ve always struggled to do is differentiate my work life and my home life. I used to think of my job when I was at home. I would spend ten hours a day thinking about my job then I’d go home to think about it some more. It’s been hard but I’ve embraced my home life more so. In fact, I now have a fantastic mix of spending time with friends and having some alone time for me to recharge my batteries.

Oh yeah, I have disco lights all over Cafe Boke

There’s a lot to be said for a bit of “me time”. As a single person, it can be daunting cutting yourself off from people one evening once a week but by gosh, it helps me no end.


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