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I do my best to not sound pretentious but I need to get my thoughts across and to some, that might make me sound like a douche bag.

I enjoy ambiguity. I like people not to know me completely. Could I be any more pretentious with such a stupid thing to say. People who know me, know me well. People who don’t don’t always know how to take me because of me apparent wishy-washy stance on certain topics. I love it when people have to outright ask me where I am on certain topics and I will always answer as honestly as I can. It’s the way I’m wired.

In my spare time I study different religions. I find them fascinating and usually have a small nugget of information based on a lot of religions. That’s my most asked question when I discuss religion. Do I believe in God? It always a tough answer to give because you don’t know the leanings of the person and how their response will be. A simple yes / no question rumbles into potential loss of respect. I always answer honestly because there’s no point pretending to agree with someone’s beliefs just to save face.

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