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Close shun

I nearly didn’t bother writing this post. I was going to shut my laptop down and then watch TV but instead I chose to write.

I actually don’t know what to write so this is turning into a META mess. That’s what I find so bloody funny with those “Get Rich Quick Scheme” type books where they outline how to get rich but actually don’t show you anything. The person who wrote the book is only rich because they wrote a book for saps to show them to get rich quick.

I bought a book actually. On how to Bullet Journal. It’s something I’ve written about only yesterday. I have always been impressed with the man who popularized the bullet journal because he never sold his idea. He just gave it to the world but here I am giving him money. Do you know what? I don’t think he was in it for the money so he’s alright.

I think I’ve written enough today.

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