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Hello to 2019

I am getting my life back on track. A lot of the things that I did have fallen by the wayside because of mental unrest due to going through a breakup and trying to build a life on my own. I stopped meditating, I stopped blogging and I stopped taking care of my mental wellbeing.

I have finally got around to sorting my desk out. I now have a designated place for me to write my journal. I would love to write every day but I don’t think that I would ever get around to doing it.

I have finally got around to sorting out a designated place for my to meditate. I will meditate everyday. I know the benefits and I am frustrated at myself for letting my habits slip.

I am going to do what I can to look after myself. I’m not saying that I don’t look after myself but I used to have a bedtime which seems to have disappeared. I go to bed so late these days that I know that the lack of sleep I have is affecting my mental health.

I will try write everyday or at least as often as I can. I love writing and it’s fantastic therapy.

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