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I do my best to update my blog as often as I can but I struggle. There are times when I go through things and I simply don’t feel like writing about it. There are other times where I want to talk about things but then just don’t get around to it.

I’ve just finished a delete cycle. I have mental illness which means my brain acts out in strange ways. My usual exercise is deleting myself from the internet. This means any and all accounts for whatever website I can find a way of deleting myself.. I do this more often than I want to admit. Twitter is always a weird one as I don’t know why I use it. I never get any reaction on there and I only ever end up using it to promote the blog that you’re reading right now and ironically, people don’t look for this blog on Twitter. They look for it on Google (If they look for it at all).

It’s a weird time of year for me at the end of the worst year of my life (The worst year but a year that has had a lot of personal growth). The weather is crap and Christmas is approaching which is the perfect storm for me feeling like crap.

I’m going to actively try write as much as I can on here. I am a firm advocate for writing a journal and I should really practice what I preach.


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